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 Our mission is to provide the highest quality and timely service turning electronic ideas into product realities.

ZIRAD Technologies engineers are well versed in digital, analog, electromechanical, audio and control electronics. These skills combined with an inventor attitude provides an excellent resource for most any electronic design.

*Printed Circuit Board Layout & Procurement:
ZIRAD Technologies provides PCB layout and procurement services to many small to medium sized companies nationally. These companies are typically staffed with 1 - 5 engineers to develop electronics for the company's products, but don't have the need for a full time layout specialist, along with hobbyists and entrepreneurs that have circuits that need to be "put to fiberglass" come to us for board layout. We have working relationships with several board vendors to meet demands of 1 to 1000 boards from 1 inch square to 1 foot square on up to 8 layers.

*Prototypes, Sample Manufacturing and Production Manufacturing:
We do small quantities of prototypes and low volume runs in house by hand and have working relationships with several manufacturers to produce finished products in volume. We have extensive experience turning prototypes into low cost, high volume production designs and work with our customers to determine the best course to take into production manufacturing of a new product. So, if you want just one made for your self for out on the deck or you need 1000 to "sell like hotcakes" at the State Fair, ZIRAD Technologies may be the place for you.
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